Friday, 12 September 2014

We have left!

We have left little Canada and have now boarded the ferry for Portsmouth.

Whose crash is this?

Drama and controversy this morning as a  quad bike crash caused laughter amongst Roydon children.

But who was it?!

Answers in the comments.

Quad biking and archery

We have been doing quad biking and archery this morning. 

High speed and fast arrows on show!
(Well done to Jordan who got a perfect round of bulls-eyes!)

Our final morning

We are all awake, packed and almost ready for our journey home. 

Just the small matter of quad biking, archery and survivor!!

Disco fever

Disco time, and the much discussed 'date' situation. One of the rules of the disco is that everyone needs to go with a date!

We had some lovely, willing couples and some not so willing couples.

However once inside the disco hall, all couples decided to go their separate ways and dance with their friends rather than each other.

It was great fun with some funky, inventive dancing on show!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

GIANT swing with group 2

A first for Roydon! Everyone in group 2 went to the top of the Giant Swing. We even had renditions of 'I believe I can fly' from Callum, 'don't stop me now' from Alfie and 'let it go!' from Adam. There was even 'the Macarena' from Evie.

Hope you all enjoyed the view!


Lots of tired children this morning. There are one/two exceptions, however it seems as though the activities and all this fresh air has finally caught up with them. Or maybe they're trying to get their beauty sleep before the disco tonight??

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Whose mess is this?

The teachers were a little disturbed this evening after finding a suitcase in one of the chalets - open, with clothes strewn all over the floor. 

It seems all our advice regarding clean chalets, folding clothes and separating clean from dirty items have gone in one ear and out the other.

But whose case is it?? Answers on a postcard/leave a comment!

Meow, meow

The cat walk presents many difficulties - especially for those people with a fear of heights. 

A huge well done to all children that attempted the cat walk today. 

There were three children that targeted a height on the cat walk ... achieved it ... and then continued further! They showed particular determination and were incredibly proud afterwards! Well done Jordan, Nathan and Megan.

This is what Little Canada is all about - courage, and pushing yourself to the limits!

Inside climbing

Climbing up a vertical wall, attached to a rope, with only pebble-sized stones to stand and grab onto isn't for everyone. However, everyone tried inside climbing this morning! 

I even had a go! Although I think you can tell from the photo (finger-nail biting), I was a little nervous!

A big congratulations to those children that conquered their personal goals, and those that got to the top! 

Well done!